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We offer an extraordinary and 'green' disinfection aid that essentially diminishes pathogens and poisons in the air and on surfaces. Our main purpose is to enhance individuals' wellbeing and the environment while disinfecting the areas in which they work, travel and live in.

We offer ac and ac duct cleaning, Dubai municipality approved water tank cleaning and home sanitization services.

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who suffer from hypersensitivities do as such as an immediate consequence of the fungi and bacteria in the air conditioning duct modes.


is spent indoor where air contamination can be 100 times more prominent than open air


concur that poor air quality can prompt heart illness, respiratory issues, memory loss and tiredness


molds, arsenic, formaldehyde, and asbestos are seen in the indoor air
Tired of Dirty Water Tanks & Breathing Bad Air

Why Chose Us “Ipurity”

Choose iPurity for your cleaning services in Dubai, a reputable service provider with a proven track record since 2016. With years of experience, iPurity has built a strong foundation based on reliability, professionalism, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Our team of skilled professionals has been delivering top-notch cleaning services, utilizing the latest technologies and eco-friendly practices to ensure your space is not only clean but also environmentally responsible.

iPurity takes pride in its years of dedicated cleaning service, establishing trust with clients who appreciate our attention to detail and personalized approach. When you choose iPurity, you're choosing a cleaning service with a history of excellence and a forward-looking commitment to cleanliness and sustainability in the vibrant city of Dubai.


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We depend on dry-fog dispersion equipment that is routinely utilized as a part of the healthcare industry to treat different surfaces, guaranteeing 100% sanitization. For AC units, we flush the solution through the air/heat systems to execute all viruses and microbes.

By guaranteeing that the air delivery systems and surfaces convey the most minimal rate of natural pollution, we can enhance the wellbeing and nature of our indoor surroundings.

iPurity water tank cleaning treatments are fully approved by the Dubai Municipality. Our water tank cleaning experts are fully certified and trained.

Bibire Bright
Bibire Bright
I got to know about this company on Instagram and I followed with a WhatsApp message for inquiries. First, the response time was swift. Inspection and quotation was concluded as soon as possible, unlike other companies that would have a drag or days lag! I’m really impressed about this. Then to the execution of the task, I’m total impressed by the professionalism of the team of 5 that handled the AC deep cleaning my Villa! From proper sealing of the work areas and post work clean up! Thank you for being an exception to the tacky brands & companies we have out there! I will definitely call again! Please do keep this up!
Nadia Chamor
Nadia Chamor
Great service, clean organized team, working fast and good 👍 and cleaning well after them .
Angel L.B.
Angel L.B.
Had my first experience for water tank cleaning, the team was very responsible, on time as per schedulle, the job was done in an efficient way. Team used appropiate tools and safety equipment as per the job. Happy with the results and service report.
William Schickerling
William Schickerling
Great and proffesional service. Will recommend their service any day.
Badriya Casares
Badriya Casares
Truly professional, on time as per scheduled. Focused on their work, no unnecessary chitchat. The area of improvement would include be to have a payment scheme rather than paying cash. Overall, I was truly very satisfied.
Ирина Стенькина
Ирина Стенькина
I'm very pleased with the work!
Jatinder Kumar
Jatinder Kumar
Sarah Ahmed
Sarah Ahmed
The team provided an amazing service. They cleaned the sofas and carpets professionally! Thank you so much!
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